Exchange Youth

Students years 6 to 12 | Fridays during school term |  7pm-9pm

Our Mission -

Here at Exchange Youth our mission is simple, we want to equip the young people in our local community to know and grow in Jesus! We also want to equip our young people with life skills, a supportive community and a positive environment. 

Our Program -

So what does a typical youth night look like? Well, we begin our night at 7pm for hang time. This is a great time for your child to engage in fellowship, feel connected to a positive community and build friendships with like minded individuals. At 7:30pm we start games, which entails a range of engaging activities and challenges for your child to participate in with their peers. After games we sing a few songs followed by a talk, which focuses on a range of relevant topics to best encourage and support your child. We also designate a time for connect groups where your child will be able to connect with children in their age bracket and their designated leader. In this time your child will be provided with a safe and supportive environment to read the bible, discuss relevant topics and engage in positive fellowship. We encourage your child to regularly attend our program and invite their friends and family members that are youth age. All are welcome! 

Enquiries for Exchange Youth

Chloe McMartin - 0490193143 |

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